Mankind is one of the most complex entities mankind is aware of. Too many emotions, complex human thoughts and various styles of expression, right from the time we wake up our mind is hurled upon with varying thoughts, feelings and emotions. Successive waves of rage, joy, love, hatred, pain, confusion, and hopelessness invade our tranquility disturbing our emotional equilibrium sometimes to an irreversible extent. Spontaneous surge of neural hormones temporarily blind our imagination and rationality leaving us handicapped and vulnerable to damaging mood swings and worse. Mental and physical exertions at workplace, sullen weather, traffic gridlocks, unpleasing sights, sounds and sensations are the external factors which only add to this misery.

But think again, there is an order in this chaos. It is in this maze of sentiments and feelings, lies the utmost stability of our race, and it is these, which make humans humane. Not alone, the power of reasoning makes a human; it is also his ability to feel, to be metacognitive, to be empathetic, and to respond to love, pain and sorrow. Our rational mind only believes what it is capable of reasoning, it cannot feel. This only puts a limitation to perceive things which are beyond his ability to reason and understand.

When was the last time you looked up at the night sky and admired the incessant fireworks of nature? Can you reason why you feel rejuvenated not in front of your office air conditioner but in the morning when a chilly breeze gushes on your sleepy face? Can you tell me why the aroma of sand when it is raining, more charismatic than all the perfumes in the world? Why the sound of the raindrops on the glass windows, more peaceful than an orchestra. The chirping of the birds, the clap of thunder and symphony of the gale moving through the boughs, is like a melodious sonnet sung by nature, why? And why is it that a puppy licking your fingers melts away your weariness when you come back home from a long day of work, and most tranquilizers of modern medicine cannot?

There much more to the heart than the mind is aware of. Reason is simply too young to understand our emotions. And if we learn to manage them well, our intelligent emotions will propel us to a much more successful and peaceful life.

Mankind’s quest to acquire more knowledge, to invent more for the convenience of daily life, and attempts to feed the greed of logical curiosity, now has a much darker revelation to consider. It is human Insensitivity and loss of empathy.

Life cannot be rushed upon, or lived on a controlled pace and as our lives get busier and the constant struggle for a bigger piece of bread gets tight, we have no time to feel, to appreciate simple things around us, to be ourselves, to be humane. Leading a mechanical life, we have been ignoring our feelings and emotions for so long that now they don’t even dare to surface, and the irony is that when we attain this zenith of insensitivity we foolishly call ourselves more practical and mature.

Our education system teaches us a variety of things. It teaches us technology to invent, medicine to cure, management to manage resources, then why forgets the bare essentials. Why not learn how to manage emotions, how to channelize them for better stability and inner peace, how to refine our thoughts with a deeper sense of self-realization. An emotionally adept and intelligent society will be more successful than the mechanical and insensitive one. Wont it?

6th April

I inhaled a scent of nostalgia as I stood at the window taking the first sip of my hot ginger tea. A lazy smile flickered on my face with thought of the unfolding day. How often do we meet someone whom we really want to remember ten years down the line? Not quite often I would say and when we do, we don’t realize instantly that we have found one. Its human tendency to start judging people we meet. This tendency is in everyone, sometimes expressed, otherwise unexpressed and latent, but you can never say you didn’t judge everyone in your life at some point of time in life. In fact this itself is the key reason of your affinity towards them. We like them because of what they are, and we know what they really are because we have been witness to how they have responded to the tests life and sometimes we ourselves have put them through. And after this entire unapt scrutiny if someone has made it to your present, they certainly deserve your love and respect.

Today would be the day I would meet them all, revive all the times shared and attempt to re-live them one last time again.

12:30 pm

Sun had waged war again humans and the humidity only favored the sullen heat, adding to my misery. I dragged myself towards Borivali station, with only one priority, survival. But as I met a couple of old friends who were supposed to join, I again felt the excitement reviving. Soon we were on our way to Pune, and after, what seemed like an eon, I found myself sharing my food with my old room-mate.

We reached Pune and crashed into Aditya’s room which was half occupied with the foot wears of people who had already arrived for the convocation. I quickly made some space where I could fit, and started chasing everyone to leave towards back market for my favorite “Pooha and Double Chaai”. My three year old routine was repeating itself and I was filled with immense zeal. All I missed was the presence of two people, Gaurav and Praveen who later joined me the next day.

The evening was wonderful, taking walks in the plaza and clicking at random snaps. We played pool, after such a long time and I was even happier to realize that I was still adept at my frame winning tricks. J From here we moved for dinner and drinks. Let me not elaborate much on this part, but it was wonderful fun. The night was spent sleepless primarily because of the relentless chat sessions and also because of the dominant reign mosquitoes.

7th April

The morning began with a cup of tea and pooha and then a shower. Around 11 we moved to college and it was such a wonderful feeling to see all the old pals together. Vandana, Swati, Sheetal, Tithi, Vipin Praveen, and my dear dear moonlight. I was extremely elated to see her. We roamed the entire college campus in our graduation robes and clicked all the possible snaps in the craziest poses. The day slipped of so quickly and even before I could realize it was time to bid bye, most of my pals had already left.

They left, and left behind a bunch of wonderful vivid memories to cherish. I don’t know about everyone, people have varying sentimental values and sensitivity, but for me, Convocation 2010 was a celebration, a festival of friendship, of togetherness, of unity and of the spirit of youthfulness as a whole.